Research Group


  • Eva van Lier


  • Sune Gregersen
  • Lois Kemp
  • Sterre Leufkens
  • Pegah Faghiri
  • Katherine Walker
  • Jeannette Schaeffer
  • Federico Gobbo
  • Rene Genis
  • Marloes Oomen
  • Monique Flecken
  • Heleen Bos
  • Hella Olbertz
  • Roland Pfau
  • Jan Hulstijn
  • Hongmei Fang
  • Ewa Zakrzewska
  • Elisabetta Ragagnin
  • Cindy van Boven
  • Jenia Khristoforova
  • Zarina Molochieva

Research Group: Lexical Constraints

The research group is based at the University of Amsterdam with partners at several other universities in the Netherlands and abroad. Members approach the topic of lexical constraints on grammatical relations from varying theoretical, methodological and thematic perspectives, taking into account both signed and spoken languages.

A list of the collaborative sub-groups can be found here.

Upcoming meetings

24th September 2021, 10am. Hybrid.

Control clause in Russian Sign Language and Sign Language of the Netherlands: a comparative analysis. Jenia Khristoforova. Abstract.

8th October 2021, 10am.

Available: suggestions welcome

22nd October 2021, 10am.

Passive alternation in Danish. Sune Gregersen

5th November 2021, 10am.

Light Verbs in Persian, Chechen, and Turkic Languages. Elisabetta Ragagnin, Pegah Faghiri, Monique Flecken, Zarina Molochieva, Eva van Lier

19th November 2021, 10am.

Differential Argument marking in Coptic. Ewa Zakrzewska

Past meetings

10th September 2021, 10am. Online.

Weakly grammaticalized auxiliary constructions in Spanish. Hella Olbertz. Abstract. Slides.

4th June 2021, 10am. Online.

Lexical constraints in Kamang (Papuan). Katherine Walker. Slides.

21st May 2021, 10am. Online.

Kick-off meeting